I officially launched BigWig Design in 2001 after 16 years with GPI Publications as Art Director of Keyboard and Guitar Player Magazines. I’m fast, professional, agreeable, and offer a consistent high-quality product. I love what I do.

I have an extensive client list, from gigantic tech companies and publishers, to artists and self-published authors. I can work one-on-one or as part of a team.

Your project is your baby, not mine. I am always going to try to guide you towards what I feel will be the most effective solution for you. But ultimately it is your project and you know your audience better than anyone.

I have a distinctive sensibility—it’s bold. If you’re looking for someone with a delicate or minimal sensibility, that’s probably not me. But I can recommend someone.

I have several unique styles for which I’m often hired. I’m also very good at mimicking existing styles. I’ve done tons of mid-century-esque designs reminiscent of the 1920s, 30s, 40s, etc… Show me a couple of examples of a look-and-feel and I can deconstruct the elements and apply them to your project. I also can pick up where a previous designer left off. Often I get hired for what I call “design triage”, basically fixing some other designer’s work.

I’m always glad to talk about your project. Estimates are always free.

—Richard Leeds | Owner

Rich Leeds


“Rich is the best. I’ve collaborated with him on countless projects, from commercial magazine production to album art to left-field art projects. He’s a ceaselessly creative designer with a great eye and a great attitude. I can’t recommend him more highly.”
—Joe Gore | Recording artist, music producer, and former Senior Editor, Guitar Player magazine  
“I have worked with Rich Leeds since the beginning of Big Wig Designs, through eight CD projects and more than a few websites. Rich has been my ‘go to’ guy for his insight, personal care, and his unique perspective on all things music, marketing and beauty (yes, they all go together)!”
—Katharine Cole | Recording artist, Radio Personality KZYX 
“As the founder, producer and curator of the San Francisco bay area’s Girlstock Art and Music Festival, I have enjoyed viewing thousands of images, partnering with several businesses, connecting with hundreds of artists, and appreciating the creative excellence of many artists, musicians, dancers, DJs, and poets. My number one favorite creative business partnership is with Big Wig Design, because they have their finger firmly placed on the pulse of what resonates best with present day consumers of culture and graphic data. Our team’s expectations are exceeded each time we partner with Big Wig Design because without fail, they pay careful attention to our needs, never miss details or deadlines, and the media they create makes a huge impact because it is always strategically targeted to our desired audiences. If you are considering Big Wig Design for a project, look no further because it is a complete pleasure to find a design company whose creativity and professionalism knows no boundaries, and where the value lingers long after the project is complete.” 
Maei Flowers | Founder/Producer, Girlstock 
I am Rich Leeds’ father. I cannot draw a straight line—even with a straight edge. But Rich can draw straight lines, curved lines, spiral lines, fat lines, thin lines, red lines, blue lines, black lines… even infinite lines! And that’s not easy. Just ask Einstein.
—Herb Leeds | Proud Father