Yardsales.net Infographic

Yardsales.net wanted a fun infographic about yard sales through the years in order to help get their name and URL out there. Produced through visual.ly

Duck Brand Tape Technology Infographic

Duck Brand wanted an infographic to show off their current line of packing tape. Produced through visual.ly

Duck Brand Weatherization Infographic

Duck Brand (the makers of Duck Tape) wanted to offer some useful resources in regards to weatherization and link customers back to their brand. Produced through visual.ly

Neustar “Big Data” Series of Three Infographics

Neustar wanted to explain what they do through a series of ambitious infographics. These are by far the most “narrative driven” infographics I’ve designed. Nicknamed the “Ocean”, the “Jungle”, and the “Desert”, each explains Neustar’s Big Data management through a series of bold and themed infographics.




Panasonic “Tough Pad” Infographic

Infographic designed to highlight the features of Panasonic’s “Tough Pad”


BYOD Intel Infographic

Saymedia.com hired me to create this graphic for Intel showing the growth and benefits of “Bring Your Own Device”

Malware Infographic

PCW Content Works commissioned this infographic about the spread of Malware.

Kapersky “Security” Infographic

Kepersky sells virus protection software. This graphic shows how vulnerable our devices actually are.

Gunnar Eyeware Infographic

PCW Content Works hired me to create a graphic showing off Gunnar’s hi-tech eyeware.

Carbonite Trio of Infographics

A big trio of infographics for the online backup company, Carbonite. Another commission from PCW Content Works. Be sure to scroll down to see all three.