Graphic Design pricing can at times feel arbitrary and confusing. I’m always glad to talk to you about your project and explain my process. Estimates are always free.

I charge $75 an hour—probably less than your mechanic charges. And like your mechanic, I’ll provide a detailed estimate before work begins. Every project is different and how fast we move is always up to the client. There are two main factors that effect the efficiency of a project.

1. Clearly defined goals.
Sometimes this can be very specific—a project can come to me with images, content, and branding guidelines already decided. Then in other cases I start with virtually nothing established. In those cases it’s critical that the client at least has a clear understanding of the goals of the project.

2. Understanding of the process.
Design is a process that builds smaller decisions on top of larger ones. As we move through the process I’ll ask for the clients’ approval of consecutive “rounds”. If we stay focused and on-track it can be a clean, linear process from start to finish. Changing earlier decisions or exploring tangents can be a time-consuming (aka expensive) path. But we can always make changes and sometimes it’s necessary. It’s like asking your contractor to change the basic room design halfway through the project—you can do it, but it will definitely increase your cost.


I’ve been doing this a long time so my time estimates are highly accurate. I can keep you periodically updated about my time investment, and alert you if we begin spending too much time on tangents. A typical design process looks something like this:

1. Prework 
Conceptualization, competitor design evaluation, and current content critique/evaluation.

2. Initial Design Directions
I’ll provide several options for the initial design. This might include unique “directions” if we have a wide visual-range to explore, or simpler “variations” if some of the “look and feel” has been established.

3. Initial “Look and Feel” Development
Based on the initial options, we’ll refine/correct as necessary—this will occur through the presentation of design version “rounds”. Depending upon the complexity of the project this can be few or many.

4. Application of “Look and Feel” to remaining content
Again, depending upon the scope of the project this can be simple: like completing the back of a book cover, or creating web versions of new logo; or it can be quite elaborate and complicated like completing 20 sub pages of a large website.

5. Changes/Corrections, Final File Prep, and Delivery
If we’ve done our work this stage should be short and simple. Of course there is inevitably always something that needs fixing.


If necessary I can provide project pricing. And if you let me know your budget I’m more than glad to try and meet it. Non-profit? Starving Artist? Contact me about my discount rate.


I usually require a minimum 25% deposit to start work. You can stop the project at any time, but you will be responsible for hours billed up to that point. If that is less than the deposit amount than the balance will be returned to you. All files created are the clients property. Balance billed upon job completion. Payments paid net 15 days.


“I was absolutely titillated with Big Wig Design’s work on my Frontman book cover and poster for my Carnegie Hall concert debut. The graphics exemplified Big Wig’s fine art of balancing class and kitsch, broadcasting a uniqueness and iconic quality that helped make both projects a big success. Thank you for your awesomeness!”
—Richard Barone | Recording artist, author, former frontman of The Bongos 
“Incredible sense of design, color and proportion. Creative and on time.”
—Jay Blakesberg | Rock Out Books 
“There is nothing mediocre about Richie’s designs. I have worked with him for a few years now and every time I do his creativity, and design sense blows me away. Recently he designed posters, flyers and tee-shirts for a show I wrote and directed. All the products were stellar and I continue to get compliments on the materials. Try it you will not be disappointed!”
—Skip Emerson | Playwrite/Director 
“Richard Leeds has consistently delivered, on time and affordably, artwork and book covers that have helped define the look, the vision, and the corporate image of Blood Moon Productions. The covers Richard has designed for our company have been praised by publishing experts, who cite their vividness and originality. He has a genius for visualizing, in color, the essence of what we’re communicating through our texts, and we are grateful. ”
—Danforth Prince | President, Blood Moon Productions 
Working with Richie and Big Wig Designs is always a pleasure. Being one of those clients who knows “nothing” about website design, he always helps me in a timely way, doesn’t make me feel stupid(!), and the quality of the work is superb. Big Wig brings a sense of humor to projects I find tedious, and their eye for design is excellent. I highly recommend choosing these folks for your website projects.

— TJ Burleigh | Health care provider, SF

Working with Rich on my book was a true pleasure. He not only provided a wealth of great ideas, but willingly took my suggestions and integrated them into a final product that made us both happy. A consummate pro with a fertile mind and brilliant command of his tools.

— Jon Sievert | Author Concert Photography

Rich Leeds created design and collateral for The SIBL Project’s benefit CD that caught the attention of everybody. The design helped us get coverage in USA Today, NPR, and national distribution with Barnes & Noble. He’s a wigged wizard!”
—Deborah Pardes | The SIBL Project